Flexible Sprinkler Sprinkler DN25 , 14bar

Flexible Sprinkler Joint

Hình ảnh ống mềm sprinkler thô

The flexible sprinkler joint made by Daejin Industry features substantial improvements to previous piping methods. Its anchoring parts are specially designed to allow for an easy and problem free installation even when the task is performed by an unskilled installer. In terms of work efficiency and economy, it performs 50%~70% better than previous piping methods. In addition, high quality products are available.


Characteristics and benefits

Ống mềm nối đầu phun sprinkler lắp vào ống dẫn nước bằng thép

1. Economical: An unskilled user can install it, quickly and easily
2. Stability: Each product undergoes new processing and leakage tests, not conventional piping joint work.
3. Convenience: It is a flexible joint that allows for convenient installation in narrow spaces.
4. Flexibility: Allows you to adjust the sprinkler and the position for dimension adjustment (upper and lower).
5. Safety: Rigorous water leakage test is applied to all the hoses in the factory lab. All the products of our company have been approved by FM or UL.
Available length: 700-1800mm ( for UL and FM approved model )
400-3500mm ( for Japanese and Korea )

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